Mary Ellen Hill ~ Storyteller & Teacher

Audience Feedback

"Mary Ellen energizes and informs all of us concerned with the Earth community by telling stories of the Universe that are simultaneously grounded in contemporary science and nourished by creation myths from many cultures."
Brian Swimme, Ph.D.

"Thank you for re-evoking and re-weaving threads of connections! Wonder full storytelling!"
Rinda Burleigh

"Hearing the story of how 'we' came to be is an instinctual/ phenomenlogical need for us all. Your work helped me to learn about where 'I' come from." Kathleen Nardina, M.A.

"Out of this world!" Bob Prater, Master Teacher

mary ellen hill tshirt "What fun Mary Ellen brings to the communication of her important message! I learned so much and enjoyed every minute of her awesome story of the Universe. She evokes laughter, silence, playfulness and spiritual depth as she carries her message of hope and blessing."
Martha Campbell, M.A.

"You helped me to feel the oneness of all creation."
Diane Gardner, M.A.

"I wish my high school science teachers taught me science like that!"
Rosemary Knuter

"I wish my children could learn science the way you talk about it." Linda Baker

"Mary Ellen's mellifluous voice draws you into the world of mythology and science, opening up the senses to a new way of seeing. Her performances are a treat and can help bust us all out of our narrow human-centered perspectives where we can be seen as embedded in life as galaciation, stardust and rainforest."
Alan Tower

"You are extremely skilled in what you do. You are a natural in your work. The way you blend knowledge, vision and art is unique. Your offering is a delight to all who have a chance to experience it." Kym Farmer, M.Ed.

"Hearing the cultural myths was equally as important as the scientific story. I appreciated the different perspectives of the origins of the Universe." Celia Correa, M.A.

"Thanks for your inspiring work. You brought me out of my head and helped me to play and express the story in a new way! "
Shawn Shwartz

"You are ignition of love, light and mystery! Everything we need to help people fall in love with the story of the Universe!" K. Lauren de Boer, M.A.

"I was rather dazzled by your performance. Your way of telling the story is magical." Miriam MacGillis, M.A.

"Her works speaks to people in a way that validates and empowers them."
Kathleen Wood, Ph.D.

"Parents listened just as intently as their children to Mary Ellen's gently woven, spoken magic." Ian Thompson

"...I felt you...incorporated the scientific materials very effectively, and the whole presentation was well balanced and worked beautifully as an ensemble." Jennifer Michael, Ph.D.

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Oakland, California, USA, North American Continent, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe
Mary Ellen Hill ~ Storyteller & Teacher
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