Mary Ellen Hill ~ Covid 19 Policy

FAD PAD COVID protocols as of 5/22/2023. (Subject to change.)

ALL children and staff are vaccinated.

1. Masks are optional. However, please pack one in case of runny noses.

2. Reminders for space if they're in each others faces, discouraging fingers in mouth/nose, sneezing into elbows or inside shirt.

3. Reminders to stay home if anyone is feeling flu/cold symptoms. If your child is sneezing and snotty a lot, please keep them at home.

4. In regards to COVID home testing before class, I will leave that up to you. If you have been exposed and feel it would be wise to test before class, then please do so.

5. We will continue to use hand sanitizer and wash hands often- this will never be an option.

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