Mary Ellen Hill ~ Covid 19 Policy

FAD PAD Safety Guidelines:

To ensure the safety for all- these are the particular procedures we follow at the FAD PAD.

I am fully vaccinated as of March 19, 2021. I continue to wear a mask in public and when I am with anyone. I continue to practice safe distancing.

I will be wearing a mask during class and require all students to do so. When they are 6 feet apart or farther, they can take a break from wearing them. All students will have their own seat, glue stick, tape, pen, markers, pencil, scissors as well as an indoor and outdoor cubby. We all will wash hands and use hand sanitizer before and after all activities. All supplies touched by everyone will be sanitized throughout the day along with all surfaces, door handles, and the bathroom. I will do my best to make sure we all follow physical distancing. I will strictly enforce this at snack time. I will allow 1-4 students at a time into the actual studio. Most of the time we will be outside.

Drops off and pick up times. When you drop off your child, I will greet you at the driveway and gate area where you can say your hellos and goodbyes. I will be taking your child's temperature to make sure it is normal. You cannot enter the actual FAD PAD area. You may also drop your child off at the sidewalk and I will escort them to class. At pick up time I will escort all students to the sidewalk and to your car. You may block my drive way but no one else's please. I will be wearing a mask at these times and request that all adults do as well.

When the air quality is poor, all students will be in my home with the air purifier on the entire time. If there are 4 or less students, we will all be in the FAD PAD with the air purifier on. We will not go outside.

Here is the FAD PAD COVID -19 Release Form all families will sign which includes some guidelines for all to follow.

FAD PAD Enrichment Classes 2020

7548 Circle Hill Drive, Oakland, CA 94605

Child/Student's Name____________________________________________

Parent/Guardian's Name______________________________________

I understand and realize upon coming to The FAD PAD Enrichment Classes, that is owned and operated by Mary Ellen Hill, that Mary Ellen Hill cannot guarantee that I and/or my child, _________________________, and/or any person(s) listed on our emergency form as an authorized pick-up person, will not be exposed to COVID-19 while on the FAD PAD Enrichment Classes premises.

By signing below, I acknowledge that I understand that participation in Enrichment Classes activities can result in exposure of COVID-19, which can cause illness, harm or injury to anyone in my family and/or to me. I release Mary Ellen Hill from all liability, costs and damages which could arise from participating in FAD PAD Enrichment Classes . I agree to accept financial responsibility for the cost related to any emergency treatment and give my confirmation of the same by signing this document.

I affirm, to the best of my ability, that no persons in our family have had exposure to COVID 19. I confirm that if there is any illness in our household, my child will not come to the FAD PAD. I will keep my child at home if they are ill. If my child has to drop out of Enrichment Classes I understand that I am not eligible for a refund of FAD PAD tuition.

I will drop off and pick up my child at the gate and not come into the FAD PAD area. I will allow Mary Ellen Hill to take my child's temperature and if it is higher than 100 degrees, they may not come to Enrichment Classes.

I will make sure my child wears clean clothes and clean mask each day.

Signature of Parent/Guardian: _______________________________________


Download Covid-19 Policy

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