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Great Books About Our Precious, Unique & Beautiful Home, Earth!

1. A Fairy Went A-Marketing by Rose Fyleman. E.P. Dutton, 1986
2. A Spark in the Dark by Richard Tichnor & Jenny Smith. Dawn Pub.,CA, 1994
3. Born With A Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story by Jennifer Morgan. Dawn Pub., 2002
4. Earth Dance by Joanne Ryder. Scholastic, 1996
5. From Lava to Life: The Universe Tells Our Earth Story by Jennifer Morgan. Dawn Pub., 2003
6. The Four Corners of the Sky: Creation Stories and Cosmologies from Around the World by Steve Zeitlin. Henry Holt & Co., 2000
7. Earth Tales from Around the World by Michael Caduto. Fulcrum, 1997
8. Grandmother Fish: A Child's First Book of Evolution by Jonathan Tweet. Feiwel & Friends, 2015
9. Great Ball of Fire! A Poetic Telling of the Universe Story by Betty-Ann Kissilove. Mearth Press,2010
10. In the Beginning: Creation Stories From Around the World by Virginia Hamilton. HBJ, 1988, (Genesis and Phan Ku)
11. Keepers of the Animals by Joseph Bruchac & Michael Caduto. Fulcrum, 1991 (Silver Fox and Coyote Create Earth)
12. Mammals Who Morph: The Universe Tells Our Evolution Story by Jennifer Morgan. Dawn Pub., 2006
13. Older Than the Stars by Karen C. Fox. Charlesbridge, 2011
14. On The Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier. Harcourt Brace & Co., 1991
15. One Day A Dot by Ian Lendler. First Second, 2018
16. Our Big Home: An Earth Poem by Linda Glaser. Millbrook Press, 2000
17. Out Of The Ark: Stories from the World's Religions by Anita Ganeri. Harcourt Brace & CO., 1996 (How The World Came From An Egg)
18. Thank God for Evolution! by Rev. Michael Dowd. Council Oak Books, 2007
19. Tree of Life by Rochelle Strauss. Kids Can Press, 2004
20. The Universe Story by Brian Swimme & Thomas Berry, HarperSan Francisco, 1992
21. Why Ostriches Don't Fly and Other Tales from the African Bush by I. Murphy Lewis. Libraries Unlimited, 1997 (Tumtumbolosa)
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The following "Celebrating the Natural World" bibliography is a gift to you!

My love affair with stories and the natural world has led me to search for great books that emphasize wonder, beauty and creativity. I also created it because people often ask me where they can find stories to read to their children, use in their classroom, for further study and give as gifts.

There are 6 sections: Story Collections, Individual Stories (Picture Books), Teaching Guides and Resources, Reference Books for Children to Young Adults, Reference Books, Videos and Tapes for Adults and Storytelling Resources.

If there are any books for which you would like any further information, please ask and I will be happy to help. If you know or find any books that you think should be included, please let me know.

Celebrating the Natural World Bibliography© 2003
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"The goal is to read the story taking place all around us...sensitize people to the story that every river and every star and every animal is telling." Thomas Berry & Brian Swimme

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  1. American Indian Myths and Legends by Richard Erdos & Alfonso Ortiz, Pantheon, 1984
  2. Best-Loved Folktales of the World by Joanna Cole, Anchor, 1982
  3. The Children of the Morning Light: Wampanoag Tales by Manitonquat, Macmillan, 1994
  4. Creation: Read-Aloud Stories From Many Lands by Ann Pilling, Candle Wick Press, 1997
  5. Earth Tales from Around the World by Michael J. Caduto, Fulcrum, 1997
  6. The Four Corners of the Sky: Creation Stories and Cosmologies from Around the World by Steve Zeitlin, Henry Holt and Co., 2000
  7. Goddesses, Heroes and Shamans: The Young Peoples Guide to World Mythology, Kingfisher Books, 1995
  8. Grandmothers' Stories: Wise Woman Tales From Many Cultures, retold by Burleigh Muten, Barefoot Books, 1999
  9. How People Sang the Mountain Up: How And Why Storiesby Maria Leach, Viking, 1967
  10. In the Beginning: Creation Stories From Around the World by Virginia Hamilton, HBJ, 1988
  11. In the Light of the Moon: Thirteen Lunar Tales from around the World Illuminating Life's Mysteries by Carolyn McVickar Edwards, Marlow & Company, 2003
  12. Lost Goddesses of Early Greece: Pre-Hellenic Mythsby Charlene Spretnak, Beacon, 1984
  13. Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams & David Carson, Bear & Co. 1988
  14. Out of the Ark: Stories from the Worlds Religions by Anita Ganeri, Harcourt Brace & Co., 1994
  15. Peace Tales: World Folktales to Talk About by Margaret Read MacDonald, Linnet Bks., North Haven, CT, 1992
  16. The Reluctant Shaman: A Womans First Encounters With the Unseen Spirits of theEarth by Kay Cordell Whitaker, Harper SanFrancisco, 1991
  17. The Return of the Light: Twelve Tales from Around the World for the Winter Solstice by Carolyn McVickar Edwards, Marlow & Co., 2000
  18. Seasons of Splendor: Tales, Myths and Legends of India by Madhur Jaffery, Antheneum, 1985
  19. Spider Spins a Story: Fourteen Legends from Native America by Jill Max, Northland, 1997
  20. The Storytellers Goddess: Tales of the Goddess and Her Wisdom from Around the World,1991 and Sun Stories, 1995, by Carolyn McVickar Edwards, HarperSanFran
  21. Sun~Day, Moon~Day: How the Week Was Made by Cherry Gilchrist & Amanda Hall, Barefoot Books Ltd., Bristol, UK, 1998
  22. The Sun Maiden and the Crescent Moon: Siberian Folk Tales by James Riordan, Interlink, 1989
  23. Sun, Moon and Stars by Mary Hoffman & Jane Ray, Dutton, 1998
  24. Tales of the Constellations: The Myths and Legends of the Night Sky by Marianne McDonald Smithmark, 1996
  25. Tatterhood and Other Tales by Ethel Johnston Phelps, Feminist Press, 1978
  26. They Dance in the Sky by Jean Monroe & Ray Williamson, Houghton & Mifflin, 1987
  27. Voices of the Wind: Native American Legends by Margot Edmonds & Ella Clark, Facts on File,1989
  28. Why Ostriches Dont Fly and Other Tales from the African Bushby I. Murphy Lewis, Librarie Unlimited, 1997
  29. World Mythology by Roy Willis, Holt, 1993


  1. A Fairy Went A-Marketing by Rose Fyleman, E.P.Dutton, 1986
  2. A Spark in the Dark by Richard Tichnor & Jenny Smith, Dawn Pub., Nevada City, CA, 1994
  3. All Of You Was Singing by Richard Lewis, Aladdin Bks, NY, 1994 (Aztec)
  4. Baby Earth by Michele Petit-Jean, Child's Play Limited, 1995
  5. Before You Came This Way by Byrd Baylor, Dutton, 1969
  6. Big Momma Makes the World by Phyllis Root, Candle Wick Press, 2002
  7. The Blessing Seed: A Creation Myth for the New Millenium by Caitlin Matthews, Barefoot Bks., 1998
  8. Demeter and Persephone: The Seasons of Time by I.M.Richardson, Troll, 1983
  9. Did You Hear Wind Sing Your Name? An Oneida Song of Spring by Sandra DeCoteau Orie, 1995
  10. Earth Dance by Joanne Ryder, Scholastic, 1996
  11. Eating the Alphabet ('89), Growing Vegetable Soup ('87), Planting a Rainbow ('88), by Lois Ehlert, HBJ
  12. Everybody Needs a Rock ('74), The Other Way to Listen ('78), The Way to Start a Day ('78), by Byrd Baylor,Scribner
  13. Feathers Like a Rainbow by Flora Castano Ferreira, Harper&Row, 1989 (Amazon Indian)
  14. The First Strawberries by Joseph Bruchac, Dial Books,1994 (Cherokee)
  15. The Goat in the Rug by Charles Blood & Martin Link, Clarion, 1990 (Navajo)
  16. The Golden Flower: A Taino Myth from Puerto Rico by Nina Jaffe, Simon & Schuster, 1996
  17. Grandmother Spider Brings The Sun by Geri Keams, Northland Pub., 1995 (Cherokee)
  18. The Great Race of the Birds and the Animals by Paul Goble, Macmillan, 1991 (Cheyenne)
  19. How a Shirt Grew In the Field by Marguerita Rudolph, Clarion Books, 1992 (Russian)
  20. How Maui Slowed the Sun by Suelyn Ching Tune, Univ. Of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, 1988
  21. How Night Came From The Sea by Mary Joan Gerson, Little, Brown & Co., 1994 (Brazil)
  22. How the Birds Changed Their Feathers by Joanna Troughton, Bedrick/Blackie, 1991 (South American Indian)
  23. How the Sea Began: A Taino Myth by George Crespo, Clarion, 1993
  24. How the Stars Fell into the Sky: A Navajo Legend by Jerrie Oughton, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1992
  25. I Celebrate Nature by Diane Iverson, Dawn Pub., 1993
  26. In The Beginning There Was Joy by Matthew Fox, Crossroad Pub., NY, 1995
  27. The Land of the Blue Flower , 1993 and The Secret Garden, 1962 by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Lippencot
  28. The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush by Tomie dePaola, Putnam, NY, 1988 (Plains)
  29. Legend of the Milky Way, 1982 and Toad is the Uncle Of Heaven, 1985 by Jeanne Lee Holt, Reinhert & Winston (Vietnamese)
  30. The Lizard and the Sun/La Lagartija y el Sol, by Alma Flor Ada, Dell Books, 1997 (Ancient Mexico)
  31. The Llamas Secret: A Peruvian Legend by Argenrina Palacios, Troll, 1993
  32. Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney, Viking, 1982
  33. Moontellers: Myths of the Moon from Around the World by Lynn Moroney, Northland, 1995
  34. Mother Earth by Nancy Luenn, Aladdin, 1992
  35. The Monster That Grew Small by Joan Grant, Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Bks., 1987
  36. On the Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier, HBJ, 1991
  37. One Hundred is a Family by Pam Munoz Ryan, Hyperion Books, 1994
  38. The Origin of Life on Earth: An African Creation Myth by David A. Anderson, Sights Productions,1991
  39. Our Big Home: An Earth Poem by Linda Glaser, Millbrook Press, 2000
  40. Quillworker: A Cheyenne Legend by Terri Cohlene, Watermill, 1990
  41. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep: A Lullaby for Little Ones Around the World by Nancy Van Laan, Little, Brown & Company, 1995
  42. The Seal Mother by Mordicai Gerstein, Dial, 1990
  43. The Sea Serpents Daughter: A Brazilian Legend by Margaret Lippert, Troll, 1993
  44. The Star Maiden by Barbara Juster Esbensen, Little Brown, 1988 (Ojibway)
  45. Thirteen Moons on Turtles Back by Joseph Bruchac & Jonathan London, Scholastic, 1992
  46. Turtle Spring by Deborah Turney Zagwyn, Tricycle Press, 1998
  47. We Dream of a World by the students of Pershing Accelerated School, Scholastic Inc., 2001
  48. When God Made the Tree by Virginia Kroll, Dawn Publications, 1999
  49. When Jaguars Ate the Moon: and Other Stories About Animals and Plants of the Americas by Maria Criatina Brusca & Tona Wilson, Henry Holt & Co., 1995
  50. When Woman Became the Sea by Susan Strauss, Beyond Words Pub., 1998
  51. Why the Sky is Far Away by Mary Joan Gerson, HBJ, 1974 (Nigerian)
  52. Why the Sun and the Moon Live In the Sky by Elphinstone Dayrell, Houghton Mifflin, 1968 (Nigerian)
  53. The Woman in the Moon by Jama Kim Rattigan, Little Brown, 1996 (Hawaiian)
  54. The Woman who Fell from the Sky: The Iroquois Story of Creation retold by John Bierhorst, William Morrow & Company, 1993
  55. The Woman Who Outshone the Sun by Alejandro Martinez, Childrens Book Press, 1991 (Zapotec)

"And this our life, exempt from public haunt, find tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything." Shakespeare


  1. A Calendar of Festivals by Cherry Gilchrist, Barefoot Bks Ltd., 1998
  2. A Child's Book of Blessings complied by Sabrina Dearborn, Barefoot Books, 1999
  3. The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori, Theosophical Pub. House, 1961
  4. The Autumn Equinox: Celebrating the Harvest by Ellen Jackson, Millbrook Press, 2000
  5. Celestally Auspicious Occasions: Seasons, Cycles & Celebrations by Donna Henes, The Berkeley Pub. Group, 1996
  6. The Earth Pledge Book by John F. Ince, Timely Visions, Sausalito, CA, 1994
  7. Earth Prayers, 1991 and Life Prayers, 1996 by Elizabeth Roberts & Elias Amidon, HarperSanFran.
  8. The Evolution Book by Sara Stein, Workman Pub. Co., 1986
  9. The Hand of God: Thoughts and Images Reflecting the Spirit of the Universe edited by Michael Reagan, Lionheart Books, 1999
  10. Happy Birthday Universe! A Cosmic Curriculum for Children by Kym Farmer, 4400 Sycamore Hollow, Celina,TN, 38551, (931) 243-4170, FAX 931- 243-4315
  11. Hidden Stories in Plants by Anne Pellowski, Macmillan, 1990
  12. In The Three Sisters Garden by JoAnne Denee, Food Works, Montpelier, VT, 1995
  13. Keepers Of Life ('94), Keepers of the Animals ('91), Keepers of the Earth ('88), Keepersof the Night ('94) by Joseph Bruchac & Michael Caduto, Fulcrum
  14. Listening to Nature ('87), Sharing Nature With Children ('79), Sharing The Joy Of Nature ('89) by Joseph Cornell, Dawn Pub., Nevada City, CA
  15. Nature For The Very Young (preschool) by Marcia Bowden, Wiley & Sons, NY, 1989
  16. Nurturing the Spirit in Non-sectarian Classrooms by Aline D. Wolf, Parent Child Press, 1996
  17. Prayers For a Planetary Pilgrim by Edward Hayes, Forest of Peace Bks., Easton, KS, 1989
  18. Science Through Children's Literature: An Integrated Approach by Carol M. Butzow, Teachers Ideas Press, 1989
  19. Skipping Stones Magazine: A Multicultural Childrens Bimonthly P.O. Box 3939, Eugene, OR, 97403, (503) 342-4956
  20. Small World Celebrations by Jean Warren, Warren Pub., Everett, WA 1988
  21. Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope: Stories of Peace, Justice and the Environment , The Stories for World Change Network, New Society, 1992
  22. The Spring Equinox: Celebrating the Greening of the Earth by Ellen Jackson, Millbrook Press, 2002
  23. Tales As Tools: The Power of Story in the Classroom by The National Storytelling Association, National Storytelling Press, Jonesborough, TN, 1994
  24. Tales of the Shimmering Sky: Ten Global Folktales with Activities by Susan Milord, Williamson, 1996
  25. Wetland Tales by Jana Dean, Wash. St. Dept. of Ecology, Pub. #92-17, Olympia, WA 98504
  26. Wildwoods Wisdom: Encounters With The Natural World by Doug Elliot, Paragon House, 1992
  27. The Winter Soltice by Ellen Jackson, Millbrook Prss, 1994


  1. A Drop Around the World by Barbara Shaw McKinney, Dawn Publications, 1998
  2. Big Bang: The Story of the Universe by Heather Couper & Nigal Henbest, Dorling Kindersley, 1997
  3. Born With A Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story by Jennifer Morgan, Dawn Publications, 2002
  4. Earth: The Ever Changing Planet by Donald Silver, Random House, 1989
  5. Earth Day by Linda Lowery, Carolrohoda Books, Inc., 1991
  6. The Earth Trilogy by J. Patrick Lewis, Dawn Publications, 2002, #1 Earth & You~A Closer View: Nature's Features, #2 Earth & Us~ Continous: Nature's Past & Future, #3 Earth & Me~ A Family Tree: Nature's Creatures
  7. Eyewitness Visual Dictionary Series published by Dorling Kindersley
  8. From Lava to Life: The Universe Tells Our Earth Story by Jennifer Morgan, Dawn Publications, 2003
  9. The Great Kapok Tree by Lynn Cherry, Scholastic, 1990 (rainforest)
  10. Hominids: A Look Back at our Ancestors by Helen Roney Sattler, Lothrop, Lee & Shepard 1988
  11. How the Universe Began by William Jaspersohn, Franklin Watts, 1985
  12. I Know the Sun Does Not "Set" by Aline D. Wolf, Parent Child Press, 2001
  13. In The Beginning...The Nearly Complete History of Almost Everything by Richard Delf, Dorling Kindersley, London, 1995
  14. Lets Read and Find Out Science Books published by Harper & Row
  15. Life Story: The Story of Life on Our Earth From Its Beginning Up to Now by Virginia Lee Burton, Houghton & Mifflin, 1962 (a bit outdated)
  16. The Origin of the Universe by Andres Ilamas Ruiz, Sterling, 1996
  17. Me and My Place in Space by Joan Sweeney, Dragonfly Books, 1998
  18. The Origin of the Universe by Andres Ilamas Ruiz, Sterling, 1996
  19. Our Universe by Roy A. Gallant, National Geographic Society, Wash, D. C., 1980
  20. The Universe by Seymour Simon, HarperCollins, 1998
  21. The Universe Explained: The Earth Dwellers Guide to the Mysteries of Space by Colin A. Ronan, Henry Holt, 1994
  22. Sun Calendar by Una Jacobs, Silver Burdett Co., 1983
  23. Why do the Seasons Change? Questions on Natures Rhythms and Cycles by Philip Whitfield & Joyce Pope,Viking Kestral, NY, 1987
  24. You Are The Earth: Know The Planet So You Can Make It Better by David Suzuki and Kathy Vanderlinder, Greystone Books, 1999
We are the creative, scintillating, searing, healing flame of the awesome and enchanting universe. Brian Swimme


  1. A Walk Through Time From Stardust to Us: The Evolution of Life on Earth by Sidney Liebes, Elizabeth Sahtouris & Brian Swimme, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1998
  2. Befriending The Earth by Thomas Berry & Thomas Clarke, Twenty Third, Mystic, CT, 1991
  3. The Birth of the Universe: The Big Bang And After by Trinh Xuan Thuan, Discoveries, 1992
  4. Canticle To The Cosmos (video), by Brian Swimme, Center for the Story of the Universe, Mill Valley, Ca, 1989, (800) 273-3720
  5. The Civilization of the Goddess by Marija Gimbutas, HarperSanFrancisco, 1991
  6. The Collected Thoughts of Thomas Berry (4 audio cassettes) Center for the Story of the Universe, Mill Valley, CA, 1998, (800) 273-3720
  7. Coming Back to Life: Practices to Reconnect Our Lives, Our World by Joanna Macy, New Society, 1998
  8. Coming of Age in the Milky Way by Timothy Ferris, Anchor, 1988
  9. The Dancing Animal Woman: A Celebration of Life by Anne Hillman, Bramble Books, 1994
  10. The Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan, Random House, 1977
  11. Dream of the Earth by Thomas Berry, Sierra Club, 1988
  12. Earth Dance by Elisabet Sahtouris, Metalog Books, Santa Barbara,1996
  13. EarthLight: Magazine of Spirituality & Ecology, 111 Fairmount Ave., Oak., CA 94611 Phone 510-451-4926
  14. Earth Story, Sacred Story by James Conlon, Twenty Third, Mystic, CT, 1994
  15. The Earth's Imagination (video) by Brian Swimme, The Center for The Story of The Universe, Mill Valley, CA 94941 (800) 273-3720
  16. The Evolutionary Frontier: An Ecological History of North America and its People by Tim Flannery, Grover Press, 2001
  17. The Great Work: Our Way into the Future by Thomas Berry, Bell Tower, 1999
  18. Green Space, Green Time: The Way Of Science by Connie Barlow, Copernicus,1998
  19. The Hidden Heart Of The Cosmos by Brian Swimme, Orbis Bks., 1996 and video with same title, The Center for the Story of the Universe, Mill Valley, CA, 94941 (800) 273-3720
  20. The Immense Journey: An Imaginative Naturalist Explores the Mysteries of Man and Nature by Loren Eisley, Vintage, 1957
  21. The Life Era: Cosmic Selection and Conscious Evolution by Eric Chaisson, Atlantic Monthly, 1987
  22. Lyrics for Re-Creation: Language for the Music of the Universe by James Conlon, Continuum, 1997
  23. Many Moons by Diana Brueton, Prentice Hall, 1991
  24. Microcosmos: Four Billion Years Of Microbial Evolution by Lynn Margulius & Dorian Sagan, Simon & Schuster,1986
  25. "New Eyes On the Universe" by National Geographic, January, 1994
  26. Ponderings from the Precipice by James Conlon, Forest of Peace, 1998
  27. The Sacred Depths of Nature by Ursula Goodenough, Oxford Univ. Press, 1998
  28. The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature by David Suzuki, Greystone Bks., 1997
  29. Seeing in the Dark: How Backyard Stargazers Are Probing Deep Space and Guarding the Earth from Interplanetary Peril by Timoth Ferris, Simon & Schuster, 2002
  30. The Seven Mysteries of Life: An Exploration in Science and Philosophy by Guy Murchie, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1978
  31. Smithsonian Timelines of the Ancient World (A visual chronology from the origins of life to 1500 AD) by Chris Scarre, Dorling Kindersly, 1993
  32. Timeline A bimonthly pub. of the Foundation for Global Community (FGC), 222 High St., Palo Alto, CA 94301-1097, (650) 328-7756 lectures, classes, videos and other materials also available
  33. Thinking Like a Mountain: Towards a Council of All Beings by John Seed, Joanna Macy, Pat Fleming and Arne Naess, New Society Pub., 1988
  34. The Universe is a Green Dragon: A Cosmic Creation Story by Brian Swimme, Bear & Co., 1984
  35. The Universe Story: From the Primordial Flaring Forth to the Ecozoic Era- A Celebration of the Unfolding of the Cosmos by Brian Swimme & Thomas Berry, HarperSanFrancisco, 1992
  36. The Way of the Animal Powers by Joseph Campbell, Harper Row, 1983
  37. The Web of Life: New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems by Fritjof Capra, Doubleday, 1996
  38. What is Life? by Lynn Margulis & Dorion Sagan, Simon & Schuster, 1995


  1. About Story by Ruth Stotter, Stotter Press, 1994
  2. The Art of the Story-Teller by Marie Shedlock, Dover, 1951
  3. Awakening the Hidden Storyteller by Robin Moore, Shambhala, 1991
  4. Handbook for Storytellers by Caroline Feller Bauer, Am. Lib. Assoc., 1977
  5. Homespun by Jimmy Neil Smith, Crown, 1988
  6. Just Enough to Make a Story: A Sourcebook for Storytelling by Nancy Schimmel, Sisters Choice, Berkeley, CA, 1987
  7. The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease, Penguin, 1982
  8. The Storytellers Sourcebook by Margaret Read MacDonald, Neal-Schuman/GaleResearch,1982
  9. The Way of the Storyteller by Ruth Sawyer, Penguin, 1977
  10. The World of Storytelling by Anne Pellowski, H.W. Wilson, 1990
  11. National Storytelling Association, P.O. Box 309, Jonesborough, TN, 37659, 1-800-525-4514
  12. Look through the juvenile and adult folklore, fairytale, picture book (children only), science and nature sections at libraries and bookstores.
"One of the strongest elements we should introduce into our stories for children of all ages is that which calls forth love of beauty." Marie Shedlock

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