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FAD PAD Fun Art & Drama
FAD PAD Enrichment Classes

To find out how Mary Ellen keeps the FAD PAD safe and fun- please click the FAD PAD Safety Guidelines tab.

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FAD (Fun Art and Drama) + PAD (Mary Ellen's home studio) = lots of exciting, creative and innovative summer camps, classes and more!

Mary Ellen Hill, Creator and Director, Headmistress, Professional Storyteller~

Supporting children's creativity, joy and love of Earth for over 30 years!

   newThis is what kids say about FAD PAD Summer camps...

                   "Here we go to the best camp of the summer!!"
                   "Last night she said- I cannot wait to go to Fairy Camp!"
                   "He got up earlier than usual and said can we go to camp now?"
                   "He asked us- this camp is all summer, isn't it? I hope!!"
                   "Our daughter has had an amazing week (best camp of the summer, she says!).
                   Thank you so much for all the fun, creativity and love. We are so lucky to know you!"

The FAD PAD is my home studio created for Fun, Art and Drama! A designated place for your child to enjoy a wide variety of playshops/classes and camps. From cooking, gardening, drama, fairy lore, cooperative games, hand sewing, embroidery, Harry Potter to science!

The FAD PAD is located in my big back yard where there are many magical areas to explore. From climbing Bob, the loquat tree, to vegetable and herb gardens to the enchanted and forbidden forests to the hammock.

The playshops/classes and camps are for K-6th graders. In order to foster fun and give attention to all children, I take 8 children only. Reservations are required. All art, gardening, and cooking supplies are included in the fees.

"When I asked my girls what their favorite part of their summer was they said "going to Mary Ellen's camps!" They cannot wait to come back." Mom of a 6 & 8 year old

"Thanks you and the "great work" you do with children in your magic forest and garden. What a boundless gift you offer these girls and boys! It seems to me you're changing their lives in important ways." College Professor

       mary ellen hill FAD PAD        mary ellen hill FAD PAD        mary ellen hill FAD PAD

"You are the only place my girls can explore Harry Potter books! This is so important to them that they can act out their favorite books!" Mom of an 8 and a 13 year old

"I fell so relaxed knowing my child is with you. She always tells us about the great activities she does and the fun kids she plays with each day. Thank you!" Mom of 7 year old

FAD PAD Enrichment After School Classes 2024

K-5th graders with 8 children maximum and 4 minimum.

Please join us at the FAD PAD - for some awesome after-school enrichment classes!

January 10 - May 15, 2024
Wednesday Starwitz
Explore the magical world of Harry Potter, Book 4: The Goblet of Fire.
Wednesday classes are from 2:00-5:00 for 17 weeks
Fee $1020 + $20 = $1040

January 11 - May 16, 2024
Thursday BOT BOT Day
Gardening, fabric crafts, drama, games, food tasting and art.
Thursday classes are from 3:00/15 - 6:00 for 17 weeks
Fee $1020 + $20 = $1040


NO CLASSES During Week of February 5-9 and Spring Break- April 1-5, 2024.

Monday, Tuesay and Friday there are No Classes

How to sign up.

1. Please let me know by email or phone or text (510-219-3474) what class you want. When I confirm there is an opening, then you can follow the next steps.

2. Fill out the FAD PAD registration form. Go to:, then click on FAD PAD, scroll down and you will see the form.

3. Please pay the $1040 fee now. See below for payments plans. Once you pay I will confirm your spot.

4. I will email you the FAD PAD Release form you need to fill out and return to me.

Please contact me directly if you want to set up a payment plan, create a trade, request a scholarship and if you need references.

Registration Form
If you have already been to a FAD PAD playshop or camp and your contact information has not changed, you do not need to fill out the FAD PAD Registration Form.

*There are 4 ways to send this fee.*

1. Make a check out to and mail it to: Mary Ellen Hill, 7548 Circle Hill Drive, Oakland, CA 94605.

2. Use VENMO on your phone. I am listed as Mary Ellen Hill @ MaryEllen-Hill-4.
There is also a photo of me that is the same photo that is on the homepage of my website, 510-219-3474.

3. Cash

4. Paypal  Slightly higher fee of $1080. Thank you.

FAD PAD Enrichment After School 2024

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Mary Ellen Hill ~ Storyteller & Teacher
Telephone 510-219-3474
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