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30th Anniversary as a Storyteller

This upcoming Earth Day, April 22, 2020, will mark my 30th Anniversary as a Storyteller!

I was blessed to have found this wonderful fulfilling occupation when I heard my first story at the Marin Story Swap Group , (SSSH), in the fall of 1988 . Soon after, I began the Dominican Storytelling Certificate program created by Ruth Stotter. To my delight, my first public performance as a storyteller was in the redwood grove at the UC Botanical gardens for Earth Day in 1990! My interests led me to specialize in the telling of a wide variety of multi-cultural folk tales, fairy tales and creation myths.

In 1995 I created an original piece, inspired by Brian Swimme, PhD., We Are The Stars That Sing: The Story of the Universe, a unique blending of myth and cosmology that describes the wondrous 13.7 billion year old unfolding of the Cosmos, Earth and all life. In this story I weave together the latest findings from science and the wisdom of ancient creation stories.

My intention in telling the story of the universe, is fourfold:

*To foster appreciation of the natural world; galaxies, stars, rocks, water, plants, micro-organisms, and animals.

*To pass on the oral tradition of creation myths created by the indigenous people from all over this Earth.

*To utilize the wisdom inherent in creation myths to illuminate how spiritual beliefs and science complement each other.

*To awaken in listeners of all ages a desire to participate in the healing and flourishing of our Earth home.

Thank you for supporting my work as a storyteller over these last 30 years. Please continue to spread the word about my storytelling work. Ask me to send flyers and emails to your families, communities, clubs, groups, schools, libraries, museums, places of worship, centers and any place that would appreciate the magic and power of stories!

If anyone knows of an Earth Day event that needs a storyteller or you want to create such an event, PLEASE contact me as soon as possible. Earth Day events began in 1970, this year being the 40th anniversary.

For all storytelling gigs that you book during the month of April I will donate $20 to your favorite Earth-friendly/Environmental group.

Professional Credentials:
BA in Elementary Education
Life Teaching License in Elementary and Special Education.
MA in Eco-Justice and Spirituality


Congratulations, Mary Ellen.  I feel privileged to have met you and inspired by your wonderful way of spreading Brian's and Thomas's message.  Blessings on all your plans for the future.

CONGRATULATIONS on your 30th Anniversary as a Storyteller!
Over a year ago I enjoyed your "We Are The Stars..." presentation at the Brian Swimme retreat at San Rafael Retreat Center. May you continue to creatively reach people in that artistic endeavor.

Wow, can it be 30 years?  Congratulations sister!! Your stories have become so natural, a part of you via words, song, organic expression of what is most alive inside of you.  I have numerous memories of appreciating the universe story and the indigenous stories via your voice and gestures. Thank you for all of that amazing artistry!

Congratulations, Mary Ellen! How lovely for our Favorite Planet to have you glorifying her story--HERSTORY and HISTORY! For TWENTY YEARS!!. Your rendition of the dramatic moment when our ancestors moved from waters into the heat and heaviness and hazards and irregular climate and weather--BIRTHING into "creativity, diversity and beauty" is, indeed, cause for hope!! It is worthy of spotlights on stages in every school! and CHURCH! JUST YOUR NAME brings up stage plays in my mind. I am so GRATEFUL to have met you and often think of your ingenius, layered costume on the stage in KY at the Earth Spirit Rising Conference.

For Performance Highlights and to learn more about my work visit Performance Highlights

30 years and going strong!
Mary Ellen Hill, MA

To find out more about storytelling check out the National Storytelling Network, and in the SF Bay area check out To find out more about the 25th Bay Area Storytelling Festival on May 22 and 23, 2010 check out

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